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The Vac Dudes service call

Comprehensive 20 Point System Checkup for your Central Vacuum System (recommended every 2 to 4 years). We service all brands and models!

Power Unit

1. Tighten intake, exhaust and line clamps
2. Inspect internal motor plate gasket for proper sealing
3. Inspect motor, relay transformer for any problems
4. Tighten dirt canister clamps if needed
5. Empty & clean dirt canister
6. Clean protective lint screen
7. Clean exterior of Power Unit and nearby pipe
8. Check operation of utility valve
9. Explain routine maintenance to homeowner
10. Ensure Warranty information is registered with the factory

Tube System

1. Check inlet valve switch for proper functionality (making sure system is activated when the inlet door is open, and the hose fits securely)
2. Check inlet valves for proper sealing
3. Tighten all inlet valve screws and level if needed
4. Troubleshoot any leakage found


1. Clean all standard tools
2. Disassemble turbine Power Brush; clean inside and out; inspect bearings; replace belt if needed (one Power Brush included in maintenance package; $45 per each additional Power Brush)
3. Check hoses for obstructions
4. Ensure hose rack is installed and secure
5. Ensure hose sock is tied and securely in place

Total Cost: $195.00*

*For homes outside of Orange County, extra charges will apply.


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