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is California’s leading installer of industrial central vacuum systems.

We offer a complete line of commercial central vacuum equipment, commercial vacuum units, accessories and installation materials.We also offer maintenance services to keep your commercial central vacuum systems in peak condition. We are an authorized dealer for H-P central vacuum parts and accessories.  In addition, we offer a full line of cleaning attachments for central vacuums.

We have an extensive product range that supports small applications such as computer clean rooms to large scale applications such as multi-level hotels. We sell and install only the highest quality central vac systems, which is why we offer central vac systems from the two manufacturers featured below: DuroVac and Disan. Click on the links below to learn more about their systems. Also, please take a look at some of our Projects

DuroVac Industrial Central Vacuum Systems   Disan Commercial Central Vacuum Systems
Duro Vac central vac system   Duro Vac central vac system
Disan central vac system   Disan central vac system

Source Capture Vacuum System Applications

  • FOD Control
  • Coatings/Paint Prep
  • Wood Shop
  • Composite Fabrication

BakeriesFlour is Unhealthy for our Tracheas

You might think that flour is quite a harmless material incomparable with asbestos or silica dust. Recent research has shown however, that flour is unhealthy for our tracheas. Today we have airborne limits for many different types of dust created from materials in the working environment, including flour.    

Using our experience of dust extraction in dangerous environments, we also design systems for bakeries. A suction casing is placed at each area where flour is used. In that way the pollution is captured directly at the source instead of going into the air. All equipment and fixtures are frequently cleaned from flour and dust with highly efficient vacuum cleaning. The result is a cleaner and healthier working environment.

Investing in a dust extraction system from The Vac Dudes does not necessarily mean big fans and heavy filter units. The bakery shown here uses a central unit of 2.5 kW with a size of 76x40 cm on the floor and height of 150 cm. It is a small machine of high quality.  

Clean Working Environment in Car Repair Shops


Improved Quality

In recent years, many car repair shops have focused on raising the quality of their work. Repairs that are done well and customer service minded employees are obviously the best way to do this. The customer’s impression also depends however, on a visibly clean working environment and a clean car.

Installation of systems for source extraction and vacuum cleaning are therefore natural measures to take when a car repair shop wants to raise the quality of their activities.

Source extraction on every dust-producing piece of working equipment minimizes the dust level and hence contributes to a clean working environment. Using a highly efficient vacuum cleaning system makes the entire working environment and all the equipment within it cleaner.

With a central vac system from The Vac Dudes, the working environment improves and it is easier to retain qualified personnel.

Clean Rooms

Clean RoomsUnique Access to a Clean System

The clean room needs an efficient and reliable system for collecting and removing dust and other particles. Just the presence of a human being in the clean room is enough to free microscopic particles.

At the Vac Dudes, we work with only the highest quality central vac system vendors. These companies have had many years experience building systems that meet with the very high standards that are demanded in these clean environments. The system is based on a well-proven technique incorporating source extraction and can be customised entirely according to the client's specifications and requirements.

Construction Industry

Construction IndustrySource Extraction Saves Money

The top of the line central vac systems sold by the Vac Dudes are very effective at the source extraction of hazardous dust such as asbestos, silica dust and quartz within the construction industry. In keeping with increased demands for cleanliness and efficiency the interest for source extraction is growing.

Dust Removal Systems in Manufacturing Industry

Dr. Fuller photo

Fast Removal of Chips and Strips

Many companies in various manufacturing industries could see huge benefits with a central vac system. Large quantities of steel chips and strips are produced and have to be transported away.

Dustcontrol has been equipping industries with suction systems, i.e. dust removal systems for source extraction and cleaning for many years. Current rises in production require effective material transport which Dustcontrol can provide.

Our systems are the natural choice for material transport in many industries.

Mass Transit

Mass Transit

Cleaning Routines for a New Century

The standard of our passenger service vehicles has risen and continues to rise. Public transport should be quick and convenient and passengers expect clean trains and buses. Our modern cleaning technology can be used to make these clean environments.

Vacuum cleaning the floors and the seats with a highly efficient suction system results in a much cleaner vehicle than with old technology. The vacuum system also takes care of collecting and transporting the coarse waste. This leads to more efficient cleaning.

Every second of the cleaning time is valuable, therefore all equipment is installed so it is easy to handle and the cleaning accessories are chosen to maximise the potential of the cleaning system.

Printing Works

Printing Works

Increased Paper Quality

When cutting sheets of paper in the printing works, large quantities of dust are produced. This dust reduces the quality of the printed papers. Dustcontrol supplies printing works all over the world with systems for source extraction and cleaning that improve the cleanliness of the production process and therefore the quality of the papers also.

A suction casing is placed at each area where the paper is cut. This enables the dust to be captured directly at the source of its production and thereby stops it from polluting the clean papers in the first place.

Wood Work

Dr. Fuller photo

More efficient work with less nasal inflammation

People dealing with carpentry and other types of woodworking frequently have chronic nasal inflammations as they are exposed to high amounts of dust.

As far back as in the 80's, Dustcontrol showed that, through source extraction on all stationary machines, airborne dust could be effectively reduced by up to 70%. Moreover, with highly effective cleaning methods the situation could be improved further.

To effectively get rid of the dust improves product quality as work is carried out in a clean and tidy environment. Furthermore, source extraction is energy efficient in comparison with conventional ventilation / air movement systems.

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