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VACUFLO® systems are ideal for new or existing homes.

A VACUFLO system can be installed in any home, regardless of its size or design. The resulting cleaning performance is efficient, powerful and proven. VACUFLO simply transports all vacuumed dirt and dust particles through a network of in-wall tubing directly to the power unit for cyclonic separation and elimination.

Installation of a VACUFLO system usually takes just one day, and no structural modifications are needed.

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Hide-A-Hose Central Vacuum Systems

For maximum convenience and whole-house coverage, inlet valves are strategically placed throughout the home. To ensure the cleanest and quietest living space, the power unit is located in a remote area, typically the basement, garage, crawl space or utility room.
Warranty and accessories


Warranty is an important part of VACUFLO’s total product and service package. VACUFLO offers the industry’s most comprehensive warranty.

VACUFLO covers ALL permanently installed components. This includes the canister body, dirt canister, motor, circuit board, on-board inlet valve, motor brushes, tubing and fittings, low-voltage wiring and inlet valves. VACUFLO’s warranty also carries an additional one year of labor coverage on Filtered Cyclonic™ units, and True Cyclonic® units have three years of labor coverage.

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Experience VACUFLO®’s exceptionally powerful central vacuum performance and cleaning versatility with a wide variety of cleaning kits, accessories and powerheads. These accessories are specifically designed for today’s home furnishings, and can clean all interior surfaces − hard-surface flooring (wood, tile, marble, vinyl), all carpet types and rugs, walls, ceilings, draperies, upholstery and much more!

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