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Why use The Vac Dudes
The Vac Dudes is the leader in residential and commercial central vacuum systems in California. We have become nationally recognized for our expertise in central vacuums. For example, owner Aaron Doran was featured in an article by Angie's List founder Angie Hicks. Click here to read: Living Smart: Central Vacuums

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Our professionals are dedicated to ensuring that your Central Vacuum System is scheduled on time, properly designed, professionally installed, and promptly serviced. Our goal is to achieve your total satisfaction.
We offer the following 5 point service promise:
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  • Give you a proper detailed estimate that shows materials and labor to install your central vacuum system.
  • Properly plan your cental vacuum installation based on your cleaning requirements, not a plan that is easier to install.
  • Proper installation that results in ultimate system performance.
  • Measure and validate the sealed and working vacuum for each valve and power unit with a vacuum gauge.
  • Demonstrate proper usage and supply you with the proper cleaning tools and accessories
  • A cleaner, healthier home
    According to the U.S. EPA, indoor air pollution is America's most serious environmental health problem. The American College of Allergists also reports that 50% of all illnesses are caused by, or aggravated by, polluted indoor air. No wonder indoor air quality is one of the top priorities for today's homebuyers!

    Call us for cleaner air!

    Dust is everywhere. House dust is even present in clean homes. Creating a clean and healthy home environment for your family is important.
    Let us show you how to make your home healthier!
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    The average U.S. home collects 40 pounds of dust each year. That's equivalent to 25-35 vacuum cleaner bags a year. If you haven't removed that much dust from your home, then it's still there!

    With up to five times the suction and power of uprights, a properly installed high quality central vacuum system from will capture 100% of all vacuumed dirt, dust, odors and allergens. After vacuuming with most uprights, it's typical to smell odors and see dust particles reflected in the sunlight. Traditional vacuums spread these particles and allergens around your home and re-circulate them into the air you breathe. The cyclonic power of the central vacuum systems that we install eliminates these odors and dust particles for a cleaner home with healthier air.

    Residential Central Vacuum


    Industrial Central Vacuum

    have been installing and servicing central vacuum systems in the Southern California area since 2007. We serve all of Orange, Riverside, Los Angeles and San Diego counties. We base the business on three principles: Reliability, Reputability and Responsibility. When we schedule an appointment, we will promptly be there at the specified time. When we tell you that we will do something, know that it will be done.

    Residential central vacuum
    Vacuflo central vacuum  

    When you choose The Vac Dudes to handle your central vacuum needs, just know that it will be handled professionally and courteously. We look forward to working with you and I guarantee you will not be disappointed.

    Aaron Doran
    President, The Vac Dudes, Inc.

    Be sure to check out our versatile Wet/Dry vacuum systems! These wet/dry systems are perfect for veterinarians, food service facilities, auto detailing shops, and residential.

    Commercial Central Vacuum Systems - An innovative and cost-effective cleaning solution for commercial and industrial buildings. Click here to see some of The Vac Dudes projects

    Duro Vac industrial central vacuum system
    Disan Commercial Central vacuum

    have an extensive product range that supports small applications such as computer clean rooms to large scale applications such as multi-level hotels and manufacturing facilities.

    Aaron Doran and his project manager combined have over 30 years of experience in the design and installation of central vacuum systems. Expertise and knowledge are required when dealing with combustible materials or working in volatile environments such as lead recycling plants. The Vac Dudes know the regulations and requirements for industrial applications.

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